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press conference
The Lebanese Psychological Association represented by its president Dr. Layla Akouri-Dirani played a major role at the Press Conference organized by LebMASH (the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health) and Helm Association on Wednesday August 28th, 2013.
The press conference was about the misperception of Homosexuality in Lebanon as a "Disease" and the wrongly believed concept of "Corrective or Reparative Therapy".
The LPA, the LPS (Lebanese Psychiatric Society) as well as LebMASH supported in this press conference the concept that Homosexuality is not a disease and that there is no need/proof it can be corrected or reversed.
lpa press release on homosexuality lorient le jour aug 6 2013
lpa press release orient le jr aug. 6 2013 electronic version
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Announcement :
LPA is proud to announce ACT Level 2 workshop with Dr. Lilian Dindo PhD from University of Iowa on Saturday September 28th.
Conditions to attend:
1- Must have completed ACT Level 1 workshop last yr.
2- Must be a practicing psychologist (students not allowed)
3- Workshop limited to 30 attendees only. First come first served. (already 19 seats booked)
To register your name please email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This workshop is open to both LPA members and non-LPA members. LPA members will get a discount. For new applicants for LPA membership (starting Sept. 1st) the fee reduction/discount will apply.
Regular Fee: 250$
LPA members Fee: 200$

Fees include workshop, workshop material, certificate of attendance, 2 coffee breaks, lunch.
For more information contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
LPA Board.



LPA clarifies the picture : No corrective therapy for Homosexuality :









''I am glad to announce that LPA has signed an agreement with the Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy (JPP) and its publisher the OMICS group. This agreement states that LPA advertises its activities and the activities of its members through this Journal; LPA members receive discount on JPP articles they want to purchase online; discounts in registration fees for conferences organized by the publisher of the Journal the OMICS group; OMICS group supports LPA in organizing conferences, and other matters related to research and publication.''

LPA President

Dr. Layla Akouri-Dirani.



Roundtable article :

April 22nd,2013 from 4:30 to 7:00 pm
Auditorium A, West Hall, American University of Beirut

For more information , click on the link below:


2013 Annual General Assembly of the Lebanese Psychological Association (LPA)

The Lebanese Psychological Association (LPA) gathered many psychologists from Lebanon at its Annual General Assembly which was held on Saturday March 16th at Rotana Tamar Hotel in Hazmieh.

LPA is an association that is open to every psychologist in Lebanon, clinical or not, and from different schools of thought.
The meeting’s objectives aimed at :
Ø Bringing psychologists in Lebanon closer together

Ø Highlighting the importance of role of psychology in serving the Lebanese society and the Arab region.

Ø Establishing a network of professionals in psychology for the purpose of exchanging expertise and promoting psychological research in the Middle-East.

Ø The need to work on the licensing process and on establishing rules and regulations for the practice of psychotherapy in Lebanon and eventually founding an exclusive Order for Psychologists and Psychotherapists in Lebanon.

Close to a hundred psychologists attended the general assembly and shared different opinions and matters regarding the field of mental health in the country.




Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Workshop , september 21 and september 22 , 2012 :

The LPA organized the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) ; a workshop on psychological flexibility on Friday September 21 and Saturday September 22 . The workshop was attended by a total of 53 people and was presented by Dr.Dindo an assistant professor at the University of Iowa’s psychiatry and psychology departments. Dr.Dindo currently conducts treatment trials examining the efficacy of brief Acceptance and Commitment therapy interventions in psychiatric and medical populations.
This workshop focused on describing the ACT model and exploring the interface between acceptance/mindfulness and values at work in ACT. Interventions practiced in the workshop might be used in a full ACT protocol or might be interwoven into many other therapeutic models and clinical settings.

Dr.Dindo .






Child Protection in the Medical setting : Assessment and intervention . September 16, 2012  :

The ‘’Child protection in the medical Setting: assessment and intervention’’ conference was organized on September 16 , 2012 at Gefinor Rotana hotel by the department of psychiatry at AUBMC and LPA. This event was under the patronage of the Ministry of Social Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. It was supported by the UNICEF. This conference was attended by 86 participants despite the closure of the roads for the Pope’s visit.
It aimed at providing people with evidence-based knowledge and skills pertaining to suspected child maltreatment in the medical setting.








Opening Ceremony of child protection in medical setting :













Trauma-Focused Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy workshop , September 14 and September 15 :

Trauma-Focused Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) workshop was organized by the LPA and the continuing medical education office at AUB on September 14 and September 15 ,2012 at Rotana-Gefinor.
The workshop was animated by Dr. Monica Fitzgerald and Dr. Ben Saunders. This workshop provided participating health care professionals with evidence-based knowledge and skills to treat children exposed to traumas.
TF-CBT is one of the best evidence-based treatments for children and adolescents victims of traumas and their parents. By introducing this therapy to Lebanese practitioners, LPA aimed at establishing an innovative evidence-based therapeutic approach in Lebanon and the Arab countries and laying the foundation for a network of professionals who will raise the standards of the psychotherapy practice.




Attendees .




The link to the complete material of the workshop and the conference will be posted soon.




LPA at the APA convention in Orlando, Florida , August 2012 :

Dr. Suzanne Bennett Johnson, the president of the American Psychological Association decided this year to make the APA convention in Orlando, Florida more international with her presidential international initiative. 19 international associations of psychology from all over the world attended these special events and activities at this year’s APA. Dr. Leila Dirani, LPA president and Dr. Brigitte Khoury, Secretary and founding president headed to Orlando from August 2-5, 2012 to participate in this initiative and represent Lebanon and its psychologists. Many meetings were held with representative from these international associations, psychology students and interns, as well as with APA members themselves. Discussions ranged from clinical and service issues, to accreditation standards and research opportunities. The exchanges were rich, challenging and always collegial, encouraging everyone for further collaborations and looking forward to future meetings.




Drs Khoury and Dirani at the APA convention 2012, Orlando, Florida


Drs Dirani and Khoury with the president of APA Dr. Suzanne Bennett-Johnson


All international delegates at the APA convention in Orlando, Florida.



LPA president and general secretary at the APA (American Psychology Association) :





LPA voted a member of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) , July 2012 :

During the International Council of Psychology convention which was held in Cape Town, South Africa, from July 22-27th, 2012, the International Union of Psychological Science held its general assembly and meetings. IUPsyS is the only professional organization whose members are national psychological societies from all over the world. During the IUPsyS last general assembly, LPA was voted as its newest member representing Lebanon. Dr. Brigitte Khoury attended the meeting and represented LPA during the voting process. The vote was unanimous from representatives from over 50 countries, and Lebanon is the fourth association from an Arab country accepted into IUPsyS after Egypt, Yemen and Jordan. This makes LPA the official representative of Lebanese psychologists towards the international community, an important recognition for LPA and its board members who are working hard to improve the standards of the psychology profession in Lebanon.




Dr. Brigitte Khoury with the new elected board of IUPsyS at the meeting in South Africa, Drs. Thor, Cooper and Watts


Let’s talk about ethics : Mental health in the media :



LPA in collaboration with the Department of psychology at Saint Joseph University organized a round table about Ethics and the Media
This event was  open/free to ANY mental health professional and students in psychology from ALL universities to raise awareness regarding ethics where mental health is concerned. 
The moderator was Dr. Brigitte Khoury Secretary at LPA and the Ethics panel was made up of Ms. Rita Merhej, Dr. Michel Nawfal, Dr. Elie Karam, Dr. Rabih Chammaii , as mental health professionals and by Cibelle Samhoun from New TV as well as Ms. Layla Chamseddine from Manar TV, representing the media...




Ethics Panel with LPA Board members from left to right Ms. Rita Merhej, Dr Antoine Roumanos , Ms. Cibelle Samhoun,Dr. Michel Nawfal PR Officer, LPA Panel member With Dr. Maral Boyadjian , Dr. Brigitte Khoury , Dr. Leyla Akoury Dirani, Ms. Layla Chamseddine ,Dr. Christine N Sabieh ) and Ms. Pia Marie Zeinoun. Missing Ms. Carla Sarkis.


Leyla Akouri-Dirani President of the LPA speaking with invited media members from right to left
With Ms. Cibelle Samhoun NTV, MS. Layla Chamseddine (Manar TV) -- Dr. Brigitte Khoury: Secretary General LPA



Ethics Panel left to right Dr. Elie Karam, Ms. Rita Merhej, Dr. Rabih Chammaii, Dr. Michel Nawfal Public relations officer LPA board member





LPA's general assembly on march 17 , 2012 :



general assembly two




Burning Issues in Psychiatry

27 - 28 October 2011

Intercontinental Hotel, Phoenicia, Beirut, Lebanon

LPA Organized in collaboration with the Society of Psychiatry Lebanon

President of the LPA ; Leyla Akouri Dirani